My new FREE Intro to Ableton course for Berklee Online

Hey guys : ) I’m excited to announce the opening of enrollment for my new 3 week Intro to Ableton MOOC (massive online open-soure curriculum), which I wrote on behalf of Berklee College of Music. The first session for the class begins of Feb 1st, at which point participants will be given a 30 day trial demo of the software, a 30 day Dropbox Pro account, and access to the entire course which is absolutely free. To sign up for the course, read more about it and watch the promo video click this link. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of music, or have access to any hardware in order to complete the course.

Stay tuned for my remix album and new studio single which I’ll be releasing in Feb with‘s new label

New Album, ‘Undefined’ now available for stream and download

After literally years of working on this EP and waiting for the right time to release it, today is finally here.  True to it’s title, ‘Undefined’ is a collection of songs and recordings which came from the heart and don’t fit inside a box. The amount of growth and transition I’ve experienced since this process began is somewhat astounding – as I’m sure those of you who have been following my journey will agree. Here’s to the next step and staying true who I am as a creator, which is largely undefined.

In what is an extremely volatile music industry, the fact that you care about my music means everything. If you are so inclined and would like to help spread the good word please think about writing a review on iTunes, adding songs from Undefined to your favorite playlist on Spotify, share a link from Facebook or Twitter or purchasing a download. I appreciate any and all support in my attempts to make this world a more listenable place : )


Release of single, ‘Dear John’ and stems to entire record

I am very pleased to finally share some very exciting news with everyone. Today marks the release of my the single, ‘Dear John‘ from my upcoming album, Undefined (June 2nd), and the announcement of the entire album’s stems being available via Blend for remixing. Not only is Dear John available on iTunes and Spotify, but a remix of the song I commissioned from 16 year old producer prodigy Kaelin Ellis is also available for your streaming or gasp!… purchasing enjoyment : ) Those of you who know me personally know that this song is an example of art imitating life and happens to be a direct chapter from my own. Take a listen and come along for the ride


ALSO!!! And equally if not more exciting….

It’s always been difficult for people to put me into one specific box. I choose to exist in as many as I like and think outside of them. So, in the spirit of existing in multiple boxes, I’m going to give electronic musicians and remix artists around the world the opportunity to pull the hi-fi and isolated stems from my entire EP, Undefined, into their Dropbox folders via Blend and Redefine them.

Starting today, April 15th and until May 6th, we’ll be accepting remix submissions for a companion remix EP titled, Redefined. The best remixes of all 5 songs (and even mashups) will be chosen and then released commercially at the same time as the EP onJune 3rd.

Head HERE to find out more about the amazing Blend community, receive a VIP link to pull the stems, and have exclusive unabridged access to the inner workings of the entire album

Please spread the word to any Remix artist you think would be interested in getting involved. Here’s to breaking all the rules and doing things your own way : )

Upcoming Everything

As NY based MC, Silent Knight, says, “Busy is my best friend”… and that pretty much sums up the past 6 months of my life.

  • Last October Beats By Girlz had just become a thing and now it’s a fully funded and functioning program at the Lower Eastside Girls Club in downtown NYC and we’ve got the J Dilla Foundation and the ladies from Dubspot about to jump on board as well.
  • I’ve got events and performances coming up at NYU for the Ableton Campus Tour, a presentation at Grammy Camp for the Recording Academy and a Women in Technology weekend workshop at Berklee College of Music all happening this year .
  • The single off my upcoming album, Dear John, is about to drop with an amazing remix of it done by 16 year old Kaelin Ellis… and when that happens we’ll be dropping some BIG NEWS on everyone about a community/user remix initiative that’s about to launch in conjunction with This has been over a year in the making so my team and I are excited to share…. very soon!!
  • I’ve been co-writing and producing records for two fantastic artists, Seattle based Rita Boudreau and another top secret artist who is currently reinventing himself, consulting on a home studio and stage build out for I Am Snow Angel aka Julie Kathryn and co-producing her stage transformation from Americana Singer/Songwriter to Electronic Pop artist.

Whew!! I’m exhausted. But when I look back on the past few years and remember moments when I didn’t have a job, a place to live and was separated from my loved ones, I can’t help but be completely overwhelmed and thankful for all the opportunity that’s been presented to me and that I’ve created for myself. To end with another quote, this time Dorothy, “The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true…”










pictured: Me with J Dilla’s mother aka Ma Dukes and Diana Boardley from the J Dilla Foundation



Beats By Girlz

I want to show and teach women that anything and everything is possible through my actions and my art. So instead of releasing and promoting my new album in a traditional fashion, I’ve decided to use it in order to give back to the community and use my position in the industry to represent and empower my fellow females.

Beats By Girlz is an initiative with the Lower East Side Girls Club which is powered by education, arts and most importantly actions. Initially we’ll be reaching young women in NY, teaching them how to ‘Make Beats’, ‘The Basics of DJing’, ‘Remixing Tracks’ and ‘How to record a Demo’.  These classes will become the building blocks for a open source, female powered webs series which will be available in 2014 to anyone.

This last year for me has been all about growth and discovery and I am so thankful to those who have supported me through this evolution. In the next step of this journey I’m asking you again to follow me down the unbeaten path. Check out this video and learn what Beats By Girlz is all about and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help spread the word by sharing with your communities.